Here you can see some of our recent
case studies ranging from pharmaceutical
clients to childrens books

Case Studies

Case Study of Ragged Life - Rags for the WorldCase Study of SAI Life Sciences - Indian PharmaCase Study of Patricia The Hippo - Story book for Africa and the UKCase Study of Saracens - Flags rallying point

Ragged Life - Rags for the World

Taking the humble rag rug and extending the concept for a new generation is the objective of entrepreneur Elspeth Jackson.

Wing lee has helped create the visuals for a whole raft of products which will be featured in a new book.
The book deal was secured off the back of building the RAGGED LIFE logo and then the communication package which involves specific shows like Kirsty Allsop and the crafters fair.

A complete kit for the amateur rag rugger was developed including commissioning a video and the procurement of all the necessary tools to make rag products.

These have now become an embryonic e commerce site which is selling various rag products every day.

The book which will be published by an international expert in the crafting area will propel Elspeth Jackson to become the recognized world authority on rag products.

A handy case study in recycling, art and commerce which has benefitted from our multiple skill base.

SAI Life Sciences - Indian Pharma

The circumstances of us winning this business was really a triumph of objective quality over a
proliferation of choices.

SAI having already appointed a visual identity agency at some cost was having some difficulty actually getting a logo that achieved what they wanted. Our approach to marketing is that the logo and every bit of communication is bound up in an identity or core product offering and this involves the first point of call the logo.

If we were to work on the marketing we needed to believe and understand how the logo had been arrived at. It also needed to suit purpose. In summary we convinced the client that for a nominal fee we would pitch in with a new idea and logo. The competitor agency having submitted umpteen suggestions was now getting into a situation where any conviction in what they were proposing had lost purpose and momentum.

Quite literally the octahedron that broke up the components of Sai gave a meaning to SAI. We had investigated a new name entirely which started with SAI but in the end and within 2 weeks the new logo SAI from ourselves was adopted.

From this logo we have developed all communication for SAI. This involves stands to videos to very influential video books.
The Video book stands out as the right solution for a problem which involves convincing overseas buyers to visit India. To do this you need to WOW the clients with your approach and the look of the place. Presentation is everything and especially it needs to be honest and professional. Emphasising SAI carries on developing a new underscore from the original.

We have agreed a mission and vision and an evolved logo.
We are involved in the look of a new head office. SAI is one of the clients that has embraced the holistic approach and we humbly submit that it is working.

The stand development alone suggests an increasing sophistication. SAI is dealing with innovator giants in the pharma space so we cannot rest in our own commitment to keeping up to date.

A key customer strategy over 4 years have seen us hire major museums throughout Europe. These events have strengthened CRM at SAI.

Patricia The Hippo - Story book for Africa and the UK

A children’s story born out of a visit to central Africa and the Source of the Nile. The books will give the children a local hero who they can identify with.

Our first venture into children’s story writing it takes our purple Heroine on a rollercoaster ride.
Patricia stands from the charity but is a great supporter of JET (Jinja educational Trust).

Posters and learning charts are being made to support JET in Africa.

The full story of Patricia can be picked on

The stories are now reaching a climax as the Owen dam is coming to completion. The animals have to decide whether to flee the area or come up with a way of dealing with the humans.
8 books have been created along with a small web site.
JET is a fantastic charity which guarantees any money raised goes into education / building educational facilities for children in Africa.

Saracens - Flags rallying point

After seeing flags left on the stands at a Saracens away game it was concluded they needed to be given more personality.
This led to a whole campaign which was dubbed PRIDE IN UNITY.
Setting a team as being a SQUAD rather than individuals was the nexus of the thought process.

Over a 5 year period this led to all sorts of initiatives which created a new visual identity for SARACENS RUGBY.
The distinctive heraldic devices reinforced the heritage of SARACENS. Unique new products were developed like the TABARD.

Spin off concepts involving GATHERINGS before games at away grounds built the club spirit.

The heraldic virtues were promoted in the club.
The club has just won the European Cup and although this undoubtedly rests with the team and the coaches we also belief that some of the important visual identity of SARACENS was created by ourselves.

Pioneer badges are Oversized to emphasise their difference.
As all club rugby struggles with its finances a more corporate approach has now being adopted.

We would contend that the work done 2009 -2015 has built the visual identity and has help move Saracens from relatively middling awareness to very high awareness on a European scale.