Good ideas inspire and change the world to keep it evolving, so we have to start with logic and humanity in any proposal

About Us

Why do we want to Create things in Paradise?

The fabulous pictures shown in the banners on this side of our website come from Jerry Cajko and Malcolm Fryer. They live worlds apart but share a common bond in their love of the sea and the wildness of the natural world. You see humanity, but it’s always subordinate to nature. We should not get too cocky because we only live on the thin skin of this planet and that can move at any time.

So having an appreciation for sustainability, quality and our fellow humans in terms of reasonable laws has to be at the centre of all that we do. Respect for our customers, collaborators and our staff is top priority for us in this diverse world we are showing here.

The Germ of an Idea

Well we all know that new ideas are not so easy to get accepted. We humans tend to self-reinforce from experience. It’s called learning for survival. But it can also lead to lethargy and ‘thinking inside the box’. Actually, the thinking bit generally gets curtailed. This is especially the case in big organisations where systems become all, and economies of scale dictate standardisation. So let’s get some new ideas and freshen things up!


By definition this is a bit of a big topic. You have to take account of what is required, but also reinterpret or look at what is needed with a fresh pair of eyes. We should ideally try to design something, say a logo, that does something for both the company and the company’s customers.

Implementation and Effectiveness

One always has to think practical, even in the somewhat crazy creative world. Sure Leonardo da Vinci invented this and that on paper – submarines out of logs, flying machines made from stone – who knows? We invented thought transfer, but uhh, we can’t do it even at CERN!

So trying to hit a happy compromise between trying something new, but at the same time achieving our aims has to be the goal. The ‘new something’ has to add value or it isn’t a good idea in our world.


Creative Approach