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In a world dominated by scientists we explain why branding is so important

* Firstly a sharp brand image is proof  you are looking long term

* No matter what sector of pharma you inhabit the image is critical

* Important to consumers / customers and would be employees

* Spending on soft marketing can appear trivial but hard plants without pharma volume is just as dangerous

* Can branded drugs can remain the preserve of international brands? Not necessarily if you employ the right agency who understands the plot.

* Our holistic approach pulls all disciplines into one concept.

15 years helping Indian pharma clients with marketing communication has helped them grow and prepare for even greater opportunity.

Our apprenticeship has really grown from our early days with Dr. Reddy’s in Hyderabad and Cambridge. Now as an agency, our offering is much greater involving all aspects of the marketing mix for our clients. They are pushing the envelope and embracing the new as well as traditional approaches to internal and external communication. In general, the fantastic entrepreneurs who launched pharma in India on its meteoric rise 30 years ago have now grown their businesses. They are passing on the baton to a new generation who have been trained for the job in hand. This new crop faces different challenges of scale because invariably the companies have grown to be much bigger operations with a few founding scientists having expanded in certain cases to tens of thousands of staff.

Putting marketing in the mix when the top management is mostly interested in science and buying equipment has not been so easy. We see the next 5 years representing an unparalleled opportunity for the best Indian pharma but also a very steep learning curve. In the true strategic sense what happens after the low hanging generic fruit has been harvested? Brand image, internal communication will all need to sing off the same song sheet. Those that attract the best in the industry will thrive in a joined up holistic world where HR and BD recognise their interdependence.

We recently met a CEO who had left a company some 20 years ago. On that day, the share price of that company he left dipped 25%. He has since built a formidable empire in his own right. What would have happened if he had stayed? The company he left thrived but for sure it would have exponentially thrived. Our job isn’t just about
marketing to BD or customers. It is about the internal matrix that builds a culture from top to bottom. The customers invariably appreciate a company that looks after its own staff and has a developed appreciation of the environment and CSR.

We can have a strategy, can eulogise about competitiveness and transparency. Getting the right people on board and retaining them whether it is customers or employees or agencies is simply critical in building long term success. Experience and understanding of Indian pharma culture are very important along with being a credible agent of change within an organisation.

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