We provide a range of creative and marketing services, helping you realise your marketing and sales objectives

What We Do

We provide a range of creative and marketing services, helping you to realise your marketing and sales objectives. By working closely with our clients we ensure your marketing material is effective and stands out from the crowd. Our holistic approach allows us to bring creativity and value, aimed at maximising mutual success.

The premier marketing agency for Indian pharma

We have had the pleasure of working with some large to medium-sized Pharma clients and in the last 15 years we have developed an enviable reputation in the Indian pharma space. Creating mission and vision statements through to value propositions and logos for use in high impact internal and external communication.

Aiding business development and increasing the awareness of our diverse clients’ products offerings. Creativity runs through the DNA of all our work as does new idea generation and cutting edge copy.

Stand building and specialist events along with advertising at CPhI events or DCAT in New York has meant our clients are communicating worldwide.

Wing Lee Creative is working in the Discovery, API, Intermediate, FDF, across companies in the organic and inorganic chemistry area.

Ideas & Concept Generation

The real core of the idea, now and in the medium term, is pivotal to a successful marketing strategy. We can believe that execution is down the line, but really it all comes out of the essence of what makes something different and attractive and worth buying into.

This requires considerable experience and trust from both client and us. Sometimes it’s a hunch or a sense that something is right. You either have a sense in this area, or you don’t. If you execute a poor idea well it still won’t work, or execute a good idea badly and you won’t maximise the possibility.


Whether you like or dislike the word, it is fair to say that having an image that is popular will increase demand. So this image, from Hackett clothing to a Monet exhibition, to a can of beans, throws up some interesting puzzles.

In a crowded space it is as much about feeling as the literal composition of a product. There are rules in each sector that can be adhered to or thrown away. The bigger the operation, the more risk averse and more research driven they appear to be. All good stuff, but it can lead to a culture where the brand is king and creativity is lost.


It is our view that having central control of a theme gives you the ultimate control on the creativity deployed. So many brands have evolved and massive agencies have grown to service the insatiable need for service.

Being a relatively small operation, we can concentrate on bespoke discreet projects, but this does not mean they don’t lack the firepower of the BIG IDEA. Of course the idea can be deployed if you have the trust and enough budget to push it out. Meshing the different pieces of the marketing together is an art in itself.


Wing Lee has created special events at major museums throughout Europe and major teaching institutions like Cambridge University.

It is our objective to create great and unforgettably positive experiences for our customers. Whether it’s an event for 50 or 50,000 people you need to mix the idea with the organisation.


The whole bit of social media linked to the web has driven many campaigns, especially with business to consumer. However, so much has happened spontaneously, you wonder if having logic with the web and an honest heart for the social isn’t the best route. If you seek to manipulate using media that is ostensibly social, you lose the point.

Websites are necessary for brand communication. LinkedIn is a very useful for business and we suspect it will get more so.

The Future

We believe that many industries need to reappraise their marketing. In areas like banking and financial services, for example, reputations have been sullied and, dare we say, a lot of new ideas are required to build confidence.

Creative Services