We specialise in customised promotional products, allowing you to find the products that
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About Us


Wing Lee started as a trading company, based in the UK and with a creative heart. At its inception it was quite brave because most people thought we were a Chinese takeaway! We anticipated the importance of China on the world stage and actually re-affirming itself at the centre of a massive historical culture. The rest of the world has caught up.

Worldwide Sourcing for Marketing Promotions

Our heritage and the history of all projects and the great companies we have dealt with confirm our fantastic pedigree in this area.

Dealing with clients direct or with nominated agencies makes no difference. In the final analysis, it’s how well you plan, how much is the ambition and really how much effort you want to put in to make your customers happy. The bespoke personalised high volume side of Wing Lee is set up to make practically anything in the marketing area.

Promotional Gifts

Everybody likes to receive the right gift at the right time. Our many clients in this area like to choose from a catalogue and it’s usually 100 – 500 pieces. So small amounts compared to the bigger volume bespoke sourcing.

However because we have so many years’ experience and have the creative side, we can often put together a better package than a pure catalogue company. Peace of mind, delivery on time, quality and just getting the job done make this business an essential touch point for many customers.

Why a Robot?

As the world has become more mechanised and robotic, we still feel the need for something quirky. We feel that this is the essence of worldwide sourcing and gifts. It’s sometimes of an after thought, but it still brings a smile to somebody. Gifts are about remembering and rewarding your fellow human beings.

A Big Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to look. We hope you found it interesting. Let’s work together and share your vision and make it have a life. Let’s make it happen together.

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