Be ready to throw away your perception of ‘the norm’. It was never fashionable to be in a box but a round of applause for the person who came up with the ‘outside the box thinking’ concept.

The speed of the world is changing and the breaking of the old order has gathered momentum in technology, politics and society. But we still remain stubbornly in human bodies for now! When A.I. finally gets a grip, it will close the loop between technology and the uptake of information. Love (the ultimate emotion) will be sidelined to history. Everything digital will move to its logical outcome in an unswerving cogent blip.

Until that point, we will have to remain promoters of free-thinking and the idiosyncratic in our marketing thoughts. Everything from slate to augmented reality. As long as you or your customers love it, we are justifying our collaboration.

Winning ideas come out of a clear marketing strategy and those ideas then need to be put into a communication package which takes account of budget and the best way to apply them. This requires considerable experience and trust from both client and us. Sometimes it’s a hunch or instinct that something is right. You either have a sense in this area, or you don’t. If you execute a poor idea well it still won’t work, or execute a good idea badly and you won’t maximise the possibility.

It is our view that having central control of a theme gives ultimate mastery of the creativity deployed. So many brands have evolved and massive agencies have grown to service the insatiable need for service. Being a relatively small operation, we can concentrate on bespoke discreet projects, but this does not mean we lack the firepower to support the big idea. We have hired The Louvre in Paris and taken out ad shells in the Madrid rail network while building exhibition stands in Japan (in Japanese).


We’ve had the pleasure of working with some enormous Pharma clients, developing an enviable reputation in the Indian pharma space over the last 15 years. ‘Dr Reddy’s’ is the largest Pharma company in India, and both ‘Sai’ and ‘Neuland’ are rapidly growing.

Creating mission and vision statements through to value propositions and logos for use in high impact internal and external communication. Aiding business development and increasing the awareness of our clients’ diverse product offerings.

Building exhibition stands, originating advertising and creating VIP events at CPhI shows in Europe and at DCAT in New York has meant our clients are communicating worldwide.