All good logo design
starts with a story


We have been involved in many logo designs for various organisations from charities to pharma to e-commerce and sports…et al.

The one consistent thread throughout all the work is understanding where the particular company has been, where it is currently and where it is going. In this way, it reads a bit like a few chapters of a continuing plotline…the story.

Of course, the individuals in the company may have had a great influence on something as personal as a logo. They may be the initials of a founder for example.

We recently suggested to one company they may need to abbreviate a logo which in a non-digital age was fine. Now when you place it on a website or a phone it simply is too lengthy. Of course, the naming of anything might not have started with a script line. So the name might have been appropriate back in the day but now it sits oddly incongruous….even inappropriate.

The certainty in all this is that clarity for customers and internal stakeholders is probably a must. Also something positive with forward momentum. You need your logo to be something that reflects a story people are interested in reading or placing their signature under on an old fashioned (!) letterhead.

Fonts, colours, size and underscore are all meshed or mushed into the dish that is served up. It needs to be practical and not so wasteful. The culture and integrity of the organisation cannot be confused with something else.

Last but not least, just as every story has been written before… every logo might have some equivalent trademark somewhere else you need to avoid. To avoid plagiarism we need to turn this text on its head and almost start investigating something legally before we look at the pretty pictures.

Of course, anything that looks pretty, need not be without pith. This is where any new logo needs to have a well thought-out rationale for changing it. If the story isn’t compelling you may safely say that it isn’t right or you didn’t get the best people involved to design it.

Good logo design sets a company on a clear track to excellent communication.

Enough said on that.

David Jackson
Group Creative Director