David Jackson's latest stories


“Queens Fall” will be the third in my ‘Anita’ series of books and although not necessarily the end it does make a neat trilogy. I was editing the 43,000 word book on the London North Eastern Railway train up to Knaresborough for the weekend.

Many parts of the overall story I found quite a revelation, as was pointed out by two friends. My way of talking about these stories is very much in the third party. As my tales almost create themselves, I am not approaching them as a text book academic might. I am sure this creative approach leads to plot flaws but also yields unexplored pathways which in themselves open up new ground. Weirdly, in the 115,000 word trilogy I have discovered that the supernatural force mentioned does have some reality in India!

I’m also currently writing a second ‘Elmo’ book, which is a children’s story to accompanying “The Adventures of Patricia the Hippo at the Source of the Nile”. Part of my reason to go north on the train was to meet Annie, a paper mache artist. Annie is working on a paper mache project about Patricia the Hippo and brings her own creative energy which I am sure will add to the Patricia project.

There is no doubt that every form of travel brings knowledge and enlightenment. In the case of a fertile imagination, it might drive you mad as one idea crowds into the space of another. I will not talk of Stamford Bridge or a story about a cat and a dog. That is something that might also have a significance for the creatives who inhabit North Yorkshire!

David Jackson
Group Creative Director