GDPR heralds a potential rebirth of paper junk mail


I think a lot of organisations are finding out how ‘unloved’ they are. In fact, this part of the digital marketing revolution is showing how laziness and lack of joined-up creativity have been masqueraded as the e-blast or mass mail out.

The Royal Mail seems to think it heralds a new dawn in mail outs. Of course, it probably does, but there is also the fact that many email databases don’t get cluttered with old-fashioned addresses with postcodes. It also costs a lot more to mail potential clients.

Even if you are ‘loved’ we are seeing how difficult it is to get joe public to make a decision. In fact, if you are not top of mind it is much easier not to get something than give somebody permission to email you.

The government ‘nudging department’ which is responsible for many ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out initiatives suddenly may find it has difficulty contacting the public.

I’m not sure but I guess government, as usual, can do whatever it wants. I once bought some ex-council offices. In fact, it was the town hall of Harpenden. I found it didn’t have a fire certificate!

Can we incentivise the public to push the ‘love button’?

Not sure because it seems to suggest we are not being liked or loved for the right reason if you get my drift. As for external B to B, well that is another minefield.

In all the above, the bit I do regret is the toll on the trees for more paper. Also, we all remember the MBNA mailings which simply emptied on your floor like waste. In fact, many a time I just popped it directly into the bin without opening.

In the end, we might just think the junk mail bin was better for the environment …more to follow on this I am sure.

David Jackson
Group Creative Director