Introducing The Look


‘The Look’ is organic and inorganic.

‘The Look’ is organic and inorganic. It is about feeling (subjectivity & emotion) and hard reality (digital, data, AI).

Your look comes from your positioning in the marketplace which has been influenced by strategy.

• Business growth and development
• Quality
• Outside perception
• Future success
• Your health

‘The Look’ in the past we have briefly summarised as ‘Holistic Marketing’. However, on further consideration, we think that the idea transcends that narrow view. Even though the word HOLISTIC means WHOLE…all encompassing..we tend to feel ‘TheLook’ is that bit of magic.

The Look is about alchemy.

Creating ‘The Look’ will impact on logo, culture, values and in the end it will positively change the outside world’s view of your company.

Like any programme of change, it can be taken in pieces. You just have to be aware there is an end goal and it will impact on everything if you want. There is no short cut to getting into shape.

‘The Look’ could take 5 years to develop. YOUR OUTSIDE and INSIDE WINDOW on the world is so important as we all know from everyday life in the branded arena. We pay more for well-known brands. The LOOK is concerned about the organic feel but needs to have the back up of a real service which delivers.

‘The Look’ is good value actually. It is certainly HONEST. It is SUSTAINABLE.
It is not necessarily about the initial price. Something like an Omega watch may cost a lot. But it is superbly crafted and lasts a long time. If you only have to buy something once in your life it is hardly bad value. Delivering a good product/service is essential for the look to be believed and sustained. In fact, even if your image is updated ‘The Look’ remains clear and positive.

It has been called brand values/culture. It is more than this. It is clear that new business is gained by those who take care of ‘The Look’ You will get better recruits if you look better than others. ‘The Look’ is the lifeblood of the future health of your business.

Yes, a business can go on without this attention. It will simply be much harder to achieve. Indeed in certain instances, it will lead to business failure.


David Jackson
Group Creative Director