A Range of
Biodegradable Pens


Sometimes sustainability starts with the smallest thing! The humble pen that everybody still uses is traditionally made out of petroleum-based plastic. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t degrade.

However, we’ve got a range of pens that are biodegradable, making them very environmentally friendly.

These ballpens are manufactured with a revolutionary material called PLA (Polylactic Acid). It’s derived from 100% renewable natural fibres and not from petroleum, so it has far less environmental impact. The characteristics of these pens are otherwise every bit the equal to those manufactured with petroleum-derived materials.

Additionally, the resin used in these pens is biocompostable, so after undergoing an industrial composting process it breaks down in nature, partially reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. The low environmental impact from this NatureWorks PLA resin is documented by results of specific analyses carried out by the German DIN CERTCO laboratory.

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