Can VIP events run
in a COVID19 world?

It is important to acknowledge that even in the current climate of COVID19, life goes on. The world will be different in the future but if anything this means that more tailored VIP events will have a greater impact. A video conference cannot replace an experience that you can only enjoy in person as hard as conferences might try.

Ultimately we must comply with safety and procedures to make sure that one’s health is not compromised by VIP events. For example, museums are implementing procedures to adhere to health protocols but VIP events can still run smoothly. Events for a small number of people are still comfortably manageable. Examples of what some venues and museums are implementing are the following:

  • No more than a set number of people in accordance with the countries rules in a guided tour group.
  • Screens between each buffet station and servers serving the food. 
  • No more than a set number of people congregating in a group.
  • All visitors to wear a facemask while inside the venue.

A lot of this is common sense and we appreciate that the vast majority of people are sensible enough to obey the rules. We want to let you know that while the world has changed many things are still possible and a VIP experience in person could be appreciated even more.

We hope to see you in the near future for a special VIP event. COVID or not, it will be special.