A fully recyclable
sports bio-bottle


Recycling and upcycling are very important, but to improve our environmental future we need to use recyclable alternatives to plastics. With this in mind, we fully endorse Iceland Food’s recent decision to eliminate plastic on all its own-branded products and instead produce biodegradable packaging.

Introducing a fully recyclable sports bio-bottle, that is 95% made of sugar cane…

To be exact, it’s made from Braskem® Green Polyethylene which is derived from sugar cane ethanol, a renewable raw material. During their growth cycle, the raw materials used in Green Polyethylene absorb and repair CO2 in the atmosphere, significantly reducing greenhouse gases. The bio-bottle does not taste or smell like plastic (as regular plastic bottles do) and is BPA-free, plasticizer free and dishwasher safe.

With this sports bio-bottle you support a healthy and sporty lifestyle while helping to ensure a cleaner environment. So, make a statement with your brand, either internally or with a national promotion, and replace your plastic bottles with bio-bottles and hopefully the world will follow too!

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