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Ragged Life Gives Important Pointers to New Reality

We have helped a fledgling business develop its brand identity, move from teaching people to rag rug in classes to giving virtual teaching online. Rag rugging was in the past a fireside recycling of old material to make something useful that protects your feet from cold flagstones.

Even in its modern incantation which has many products being made out of rags it was a business which needed fairs and shops to sell on its products. Though still a very important part of the future, a new digital inspired rag rugging person is coming to the fore. In these covid 19 times, they have needed YouTube videos, virtual workshops.

The business has developed its Google ranking so it rests atop what was a hobby which had no real clear direction. From this base, the online products have been developed and unique rag rug making tools developed.

So we leave you with the thought that this rag rugging ticks so many boxes from home produce, well being, hands-on skill. It is not dissimilar to gardening in that sense or cooking. It gives joy to those making the products, practical helpful produce which is not throwaway. The Ragged Life team have seen their relatively old fashioned world project itself as a leader.

We at Wing Lee Creative Ltd have helped with many aspects of the brand and product development. Somehow it all seems to fit with a sustainable world that places more importance on recycling and creativity over and above ‘bling’ and worthless pandering to pap. The expansion of ragged life continues with a new book (old school is still important) soon to be launched. The first book being on its third edition and sold 20,000 copies. You sense this niche hobby is getting a few followers!

See our Ragged Life portfolio page here for more examples of work and the Ragged Life website: www.raggedlife.com