Sustainable Products for Indoor & Outdoor Events


Organising Events with Corporate Social Responsibility

Event organisers have a responsibility to the planet and to the general public to think about the long-term impact of events on the environment. This is commonly tied up in a CSR statement and most organisations are planning with this in mind.

In our latest brochure we consider the provision of long-life products, biodegradable products, compostable products and recycled products.

All the featured products are designed to stimulate the creative process and get you thinking even more about sustainable products that you might provide. For example, a food vendor should not be serving up food on throwaway plastic plates.

We want to introduce products that will make the process of organising a festival or event easier, more enjoyable and, most importantly, sustainable.

Please contact us if you’d like a printed brochure, or click the link below to view a PDF version.