Sustainable Sourcing is here to stay

The whole Sourcing chain needs to be re-evaluated from a product’s inception to grave. It isn’t really enough for the public to have a spike of interest when BLUE PLANET is aired.

Business has to start somewhere and in a small way we are improving awareness by promoting the reusable cups made from bamboo and the water bottle made from Sugar Cane.

The whole world economic and social system is so complex that it is easy to become downhearted and feel that these small changes have no impact. In our view, it is these small changes that can slowly improve the whole approach. In fact, if the public becomes more conscious of sustainability throughout a products life you will get change.

Balance is for us the biggest consideration.

It is our declared policy now to phase out all temporary products or all products which are not biodegradable or produced from a source which is sustainable. As you imagine it is not easy for us to do this, but for the future of the planet and the environment, it has to be achieved.

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