The value of videos
in marketing communication


In this new digital age, it has become ever increasingly important to improve the communication of your business strengths. People are travelling less to meet face to face due to worldwide travel restrictions. Also because of the globalisation nature of customers expect digital excellence.

It is important with any communication to make it concise, informative, relevant and up to date. This is where the audio-visual nature of videos come in and can be utilised in different ways.

Normally we create a series of videos showing different topics to highlight the core strengths of a company and also features that want to be emphasised. For example, a company might want to promote a new product or service. Micro-videos are generally around a minute long, normal videos are 3-4 minutes.

A shorter video is more punchy and to the point, focusing on a specific topic whereas a 3-4 minute video is broader and helps summarise the overarching services/products of a company. Having a balance of both is an effective ongoing marketing tool. The micro-videos are great for social media such as LinkedIn and give a quick glimpse of the company or a specific service.

For our client, Jubilant Biosys we scripted, directed and edited four micro-videos and three general videos to show the features of the business and also to show the new site that was being launched. We even repositioned the name of one of the businesses with this work.

To create a successful video, it’s important to have a structure and formula to follow. Before we shoot a video we work on the storyboard and scripting to make sure that the message and communication sync up with what the company wants to portray and what the objectives of the video are.

There are various questions that need to be asked even with something as seemingly simple as picking voice actors – how many speakers will there be? Who will be representing the company? Will a professional voice actor be utilised? This is just one area, we also pay close attention to detail when shooting to ensure the correct PPE is being worn, lab coats are clean, surfaces look tidy etc.

When all these different factors are brought together, they help with an effective communication strategy that adds value to your business and complements the rest of your marketing efforts.

If you currently use or are thinking about utilising video in your marketing campaign get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Below are just a couple of videos we scripted, directed and edited for our clients.