Our view on Carbon Offsetting

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Carbon offsetting is riddled with contradictions.

Only a few Carbon offset schemes will meet the exacting criteria of being truly motivated by a non-profit / sustainable ethos. In essence a bad process (leading to poor environmental impact) cannot be offset by good environmental impact somewhere else. It is therefore philosophically / ethically flawed from the outset.

An industry, like the automobile industry, wishing to migrate to a cleaner technology might support an ethically based scheme like preserving rainforests. Even planting trees is not a quick and easy solution because you still have to have an end usage which is ethically based.

Building carbon credits on a poor foundation of reasoning has justifiably brought many schemes into disrepute. Carbon credits are flawed. Instead credit should be given to those using sustainable and ethical industry / manufacturing. In conclusion, carbon offsetting is not a substitute for sustainable production.

We have to try to source sustainable products whenever we can. In certain instances, we cannot source products which are completely sustainable and good for the environment, but we must remember to spread the message of ‘sustainable sourcing’.

David Jackson
Group Creative Director