Louvre Museum

Neuland Labs in Paris

For our client Neuland Laboratories, who were exhibiting at the CPhI show in Paris, we organised an after-hours private tour within the Louvre. The world’s most visited museum, with its iconic glass pyramid in the courtyard, contains 70,000 pieces of art spread across more than 650,000 ft2 of gallery space.

The guests of Neuland were divided into smaller groups and accompanied by experienced guides to be shown around the Sully Wing which has the largest display of artefacts and sculptures of the Egyptian era. To quote the client: “As we walked through the halls, and viewed the displays on the walls and the glass boxes containing collections from Egyptian era, some of us were transported back 5000 years, contemplating about the life, culture and society of those times. The one and a half hours of the Louvre tour held us spell bound in amazement.”

At the conclusion of the museum tour everyone was taken to a nearby bistro restaurant, which had been hired for the remainder of the night, where an enjoyable evening of drinks, dinner and sparkling conversations followed.