Saracens Rugby Club

From roving club to European champions!

Over a number of years, we provided multiple ideas to help form the culture seen today at Saracens Rugby Club. Working with the CEO, we created rallying points for where fans could follow the flag. We supported the team position rather than the individual.

When there were temporary stands at the stadium, we invented unique waterproof ponchos that both kept the fans dry and created a sense of camaraderie. Our concept, involving chivalry and the knights of old, became the springboard for the four core values of the club culture now emblazoned around the Allianz stadium.

We have designed, produced and supplied an abundance of promotional merchandise for Saracens, the vast majority of which is available to buy in their club shop – everything from badges, keyrings and scarves to flags, fezzes and ponchos.

For urgent timescales (such as when Saracens reach a cup final), we can have uniquely designed items made in China and packaged for immediate sale within 30 days, flying the products in as opposed to shipping them as usually done.

Additionally, we have produced giant 10m shirt replicas that are carried out on to the pitch before the start of a game. Giant shirt replicas have also been made for Liverpool Football Club to use on their pre-season tours.