Wing Lee Creative is a service agency made up of experienced creators in the marketing area…broadly strategy, design, web, events, digital, sourcing and idea generation. This joined-up approach is holistic and is built into our ‘LOOK & FEEL’ concept of offering a turnkey service in brand development.

Our client base is multinational and their turnover cumulatively is vast. We have developed a niche emphasis in Indian pharma, but this doesn’t deflect from the broader creative output which is itself diverse. Our sourcing business, for example, has supplied hundreds of thousands of products to famous brands like Guinness and Coca Cola. Our events business in one evening hired the three major art museums in Madrid. We have designed multiple logos which sit above worldwide pharma businesses.

How is it that a small team can achieve lots and be important to these larger operations?

It isn’t easy but it is possible with hard work and passion with professionalism.

In any army you have specialists. There are special operations or chosen for some skill base. So it is with ourselves. Also, you may find that the services are needing to be flexible and project-based or you need experience immediately which the organisation doesn’t have time to grow.

Listed below are some of the key attributes we offer the multinational in the marketing area. Everything from brand logos to campaign communication.

1) CREATIVITY… we are able to deliver outside the box ideas…..big organisations get stifled by procedure and process. We need to look at the organization and what it is saying it needs and then try to put together a proposal which answers the business need…which is sometimes hidden in the brief.

2) FAST TRACK… the very processes put in place to protect the organisation sometimes need to be accelerated without losing the control. We can refine a presentation or concept so that it gives senior management a better chance of understanding what is being proposed.

3) CHANGE IDEATION… ideas may need to be brought in which cut through established mantra. Inevitably thinking differently has to come with more sustainability brought on by climate change.

4) WORKING TOGETHER… working externally it is often easier to table a new strategy. If senior management has concluded that change is needed, we need to help explain and sell in the new concept.

5) HOLISTIC APPROACH… we are looking at all aspects of the communication possibility…we don’t need to push a loaded agenda because we are multi-faceted. If paper is better than digital, we will advise this.

6) ONE AGENDA… we are really interested in delivering the best execution for the PLC or LTD company with the best value.

7) QUALITY & IP confidentiality are so important…if we are re-designing the logo, mission and vision of a company it is important that all work is confidential.

8) EXPERIENCE… working internationally we have to consider cultural differences. Physically we have to travel around the globe.

9) INSPIRATION… you do need the idea-generating engine that we have within our business….

You may ask … why do we have a robot in our brand identity? His name is Robotson and he ended up on this island of the future. He wears this retro robot clothing because he admires the individuality of humans. He is, in fact, self-conscious and isn’t artificial but is derived from this next phase of human existence.

The story of Robotson (Robinson Crusoe) and Goliath (Old Testament) point to our understanding of how important it is to have a story. How a picture paints a thousand words or does it? If you get the story right it can have a life. That life can endure a long time.

David Jackson
Group Creative Director