Sound as the Brand Identifier

We find sound is playing an increasingly important role in brand recognition. It was recently announced that HSBC has employed Jean-Michel Jarre to create a new ‘sound identity’ for the bank to use across its many channels – be that in TV ads, on the HSBC app, while waiting on hold, or within their offices around the world.

There are many other sound logos, which we believe go beyond a simple jingle. We think of Intel with their high octave audio logo, Maybelline’s signature tune, and how every time you turn on a PC computer, Windows announces itself with a familiar startup chime.

We, therefore, decided to create an audio brand identifier for our very own Robotson Crusoe, that we’ve called ‘March of the Robots’. You can listen to this, and watch the simple accompanying animation, by playing the video above.

Inspiration is taken from an experiment conducted in the Ealing film ‘The Man in a White Suit’ (1951). In the film, there is a sort of mad professor who invents a material that’s almost indestructible. It seems to sum up the world we currently live in. A brilliant invention is decried because it’s deemed too perfect and everyone fears it will put people out of work. How will consumerism take off if products last an age?!

David Jackson
Group Creative Director