Marketing Products

Looking to partner with a supplier who is committed to delivering the best complete sustainable marketing product solution?

You have come to the right people. As we view a world that has changed, it has brought into focus the need for organisations to employ expertise in sustainable sourcing well beyond the normal functional capability within an organization.

At Wing Lee Creative, we provide the complete product marketing service from idea generation to fulfilment or any part of the process in between. Our case study for The Eden Project shows the importance of the solutions we offer. Company A needs to buy a product that will appeal to a segment of its customer base.

We review with the customer all the elements of the brief, but we plug in many different parameters using our knowledge and experience and ensuring quality of product and sustainability.

The cost of a product has been one of the major discriminators of product selection. Cost is still important but is no longer the be-all and end-all as consumers demand ethically sourced products that are sustainable.

Buying widgets or purchasing something from a gift catalogue should be much more considered. The use of recycled products in the base of the product might be suggested. With the Marketing Product Lifecycle, you do need to consider every aspect and aim to improve the sustainability and reduce where possible the carbon footprint.

Small steps and changes in a mindset will help. For example, two different suppliers supplying the same product. Supplier A delivers the product in a sealed plastic bag which might practically give you a strong waterproof piece of packaging to deliver the product. Supplier B delivers in a brown cardboard Sleeve. You can see how the two packaging solutions might garner different responses.

QUALITY is paramount along with sending out a real message that products that are sourced need to be either very green or have longevity.
The throwaway society has to go. The refillable/re-usable solution has to be the mantra.
In many ways, we are supplying polarised products
a) Products that last a long time and can be upcycled.
b) Products that are recyclable/biodegradable

As experts in the marketing product sourcing area, we need to foster long-term relationships so we can use our experience to change how marketers look at a product. Packaging needs to be minimised and made responsibly using a sustainable/biodegradable product.

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