The world is finally waking up to fact that we must improve the way we look after our planet. Not to sound too dramatic, but having a liveable future on the surface of the Earth depends on us all taking action.

We know the numerous issues surrounding sustainability are complex, but to make a start is far better than doing nothing. That is why we are working hard to develop new products that are much kinder to the environment.

We can:

•  Audit the products you use and discuss sustainable alternatives

•  Build innovative new products if necessary

Below we highlight some environmentally friendly products that make for excellent, viable alternatives to your usual promotional gifts.

Fully recyclable sports bio-bottle

Recycling and upcycling are very important, but to improve our environmental future we need to use recyclable alternatives to plastics. With this in mind, we introduce our organic sports bio-bottle, that is 95% made of sugar cane.

To be exact, it’s made from Braskem® Green Polyethylene which is derived from sugar cane ethanol – a renewable raw material that during the growth cycle absorbs and repairs CO2 in the atmosphere, significantly reducing greenhouse gases.

It does not taste or smell like plastic (as regular plastic bottles do) and is BPA-free, plasticizer free and dishwasher safe. So, make a statement with your brand and replace your plastic bottles with bio-bottles and help us ensure a cleaner environment for all.

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Biodegradable Pens

Sometimes sustainability starts with the smallest thing. The humble pen that everybody still uses is traditionally made out of petroleum-based plastic. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t degrade. However, we’ve got a range of pens that are biodegradable, making them very environmentally friendly.

These ballpens are manufactured with a revolutionary material called PLA (Polylactic Acid). It’s derived from 100% renewable natural fibres and not from petroleum, so it has far less environmental impact. The characteristics of these pens are otherwise every bit the equal to those manufactured with petroleum-derived materials. Additionally, the resin used in these pens is biocompostable, so after undergoing an industrial composting process it breaks down in nature, partially reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

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Sustainable Umbrella

This mini umbrella has a fabric cover made with recycled plastics and a bamboo handle. To produce the umbrella cover, plastic waste is collected and cleaned, then made into granules. The granules are heated and melted to create a polyester fibre that can now be woven into a material used for the umbrella cover. And the handle is made from bamboo, which is a very sustainable material.

Of course, the umbrella has to excel in all other areas too. Well, it has a convenient automatic open/close function for quick opening and closing via a push-button on the handle, it features a high-quality windproof system for maximum frame flexibility in stormy conditions, and it’s supplied with a protective sleeve. It also has plenty of branding options, so there’s really no need to look elsewhere for your umbrella requirements.

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