The big bang theory
and brand


We have recently been contacted by a variety of companies asking for website design having already recently implemented a corporate re-design process.

Of course, this isn’t a bad thing.

It does mean you enter a newly created universe. The logo form and colorways send you off in a direction.

We have been promoting this idea of a company story having common authorship…a holistic approach to garnering all strands of communication so they all lead back to that singularity.

This is where the idea of brand identity having an author or creator who is still involved as the plot develops is critical. Additionally getting the tone of voice, vision, mission consistent over time is important. This then translates into that overall business universe that is created.

If you want to CREATE something and have it all joined up it is our belief you need to start with that ‘big bang’. There is a creator or multiple hands that help in the design but like as not there is an individual genius who sets off the idea and knows where it is going.

The cosmic soup that is the beginning of a new corporate design flows out into everything.

We have the individual stars being created and the corporate galaxies develop over time.

So it is in sort of way that the website and all the communication channels are built from the soup….Digital and old school.

You also come across the idea of marketing identity being produced in a linear fashion…one piece of communication following the other. The big bang idea in our holistic view means that multiple marketing platforms all start at once and expand 360 degrees.

Doesn’t this idea of having an agency creative director keep a steer on the communication form the fundamentals of most large advertising agencies? …No not entirely true..especially in this digital age.

The big agency has specialists buried within their neural cobweb of collective specialisms…their size means they lose direction.

So getting multiple authors to contribute towards a story might give you some interesting twists/interpretations but it wastes lots of time and you can lose your way a bit. It has been the classical way of running marketing…putting the various functions to people who are experts in their field.

What happens to those not fortunate enough to be able to afford the tens of millions on giant advertising agencies?

They may come to us. We can create that big bang together (no other interpretations please). From there we decide on the web and all the needed connectivity.

David Jackson
Group Creative Director