Saracens Heraldic Flags | Wing Lee Creative

How we made the simplest of promotional items worth a lot to fans.

How design turned something almost worthless into a treasure that people will carry with them and wave furiously to advertise a club and sponsors brand.

It seems impossible that excellent design might do this.

But it is achieved almost every day and in some instances is the mainstay of a brand image.

But it is also quite intriguing that the brand owners don’t sometimes realise they are on to such a good thing.

So it was with this set of flags produced for Saracens rugby club at the start of their rise to finally winning 3 European rugby championships over 4 years.

The nature of the designs related to each of the positions on the rugby pitch culminating in a chess style board that featured each of the mini coats of arms.

Intriguingly the story went back to basic knightly virtues.

The concept finally transfused the new stadium with its 4 stands loosely coming off knightly virtues.

More telling the flags were then followed by TABARDS which were finally made and worn by people.

The ideas behind the flags worked on many dimensions…but not least it promoted squad over individuals in a team. This idea of the squad when the flags came out was known but relatively new in rugby. Certainly, in terms of promoting a club, it was unusual to give equal weighting to a fifth line prop over your starting prop. So this is also worked to reinforce TEAM values.

The idea of launching the unique concept on flags came from a semi-final at Northampton when a lot of standard club colour flags were left on seats and the stadium floor. You would think twice or more about doing this with a flag that had complex graphics and a story.

So this was a form of branding that worked on many levels…even environmentally you have a simple product valued..not thrown away.

Group Creative Director
David Jackson