Why Wing Lee?



Here at Wing Lee Creative we’ve often wanted to share some of our thoughts, so with the addition of a blog to our brand-new website we now have the perfect opportunity to do exactly that…

One question we get asked a lot is why are we called Wing Lee?

Wing Lee started out as a sourcing company, with a creative heart, obtaining products from China to our base here in the UK. We had long anticipated the importance of China becoming a global manufacturing hub. At inception, it was quite brave because many people just assumed we were a Chinese takeaway!

Now, many years later, the rest of the world has finally caught up. We continue to source large volume or bespoke items from China. Our deep involvement with major brands has also meant we’ve put compliance and EHS (environment, health and safety) concerns at the forefront of our process.

What do we do now?

Over the years, the development of our business meant we built a corporate identity and brand-building side to the business. This entailed a wide spectrum of services which you now see. We are ideally suited to medium sized companies who want to work worldwide but don’t want to employ a massive advertising agency. This is particularly pertinent for B2B because attending trade shows or entertaining clients is a central focus.

Why the Robot?

We look to the future in a complex way and see that the digital world is impacting on everyone. Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google or Amazon all have their advantages and disadvantages. We know that storytelling is an important part of a brand and have therefore chosen ‘Robotson Crusoe’ as our spokesman. He is talking from the future and challenges us about the loss of humanity and how the complexity of humans is not a programme or an algorithm. In fact, blind faith in numbers leads to a lot of disservices, so a degree of caution is required. Robotson loves ideas and creativity but he does not entirely understand what loving something is.

If you have a burning question for us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.