World Environment Day starts at home


Anything that begins with ‘world’ is a bit daunting. Such is the diversity of economic development on the planet that buying pre-packed products in plastic is the concern of the West. While on a lake in Burma you find that logging up in the hills is creating more run off that will clog the lake so that fishing becomes impossible in maybe twenty years.

Everyone’s environment is changing every day and there isn’t a joined-up plan unfortunately. Like voting the consumer can have an impact. This has to be planting more and going with nature as opposed to producing more synthetic products. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to ‘plant’. Invariably the more connection you have with the land the more you see the damage that is going on.

At home, we need to reject product in non- recyclable packaging. We need to recycle what we have. See the website and you will see that making your own also has benefits. It brings us back to using our hands and using our minds to think creatively. Practically we should be either growing our own vegetables or buying them loose.

We should be keeping our cars and consumables longer. If you go to Cuba, you see a society which is taunted with western goods. However, go into the centre and you have an agrarian respect which is very tolerable indeed. The make do and mend culture of India has a lot going for it. Uncontrolled economic development which opposes our environment needs to be stopped. If this leads to the less modern car or less travel so be it.

If the consumer votes today not to buy some items in plastic packaging, we need the pioneering entrepreneurs to make available comparable products in environmentally friendly packaging. We particularly appreciate UNILEVER and its statements on SUSTAINABILITY. It is mature and takes account that we made bad decisions. Now the oceans are knee deep in plastic, it is a double jeopardy. Have no doubt that climate change has come from pollutants entering the atmosphere. Whether sea change is 20 or 50 years is but a dot in geological time. If there is a god maybe he will write a footnote. Yes, there was a rather special species, but they were unappreciative of the paradise they lived in. As a result, they no longer feature in our universe.

David Jackson
Group Creative Director